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Umpire Clicker iPhone App FAQ's




What is the difference between Baseball an Softball mode?

The only difference between Baseball and Softball mode is the number of Balls and Strikes the Clicker will count up to.  Baseball will count up to 3 Balls and 2 Strikes, whereas Softball mode will count up to 2 Balls and 1 Strike.


Does the Umpire Clicker application tell me whether I chose Baseball or Softball mode?

Yes!  In the lower right hand corner of the main clicker screen, the selected mode is displayed.  Also, click the Baseball/Softball indicator to also clear the Balls and Strikes.


How do I change a value on the Clicker?

Values in the Umpire Clicker can be changed by either directly tapping on the desired number (Balls, Strikes, Outs or Inning) to add to the existing number.  You can also add to the existing value by 'swiping' vertically down next to or over the corresponding wheel for on the Clicker.  A vertical swipe upwards will subtract values from the selected value.


What do the different options on the Options page do?

Click - Turns on or off the ability to hear a 'Click' sound effect to confirm a value change on the Clicker.  Make sure you have your iPhone Ring/Silent switch flipped to Ring, and your Volume up to hear the Clicks if this feature is turned on.

Vibrate - Turns on or off the ability to feel your iPhone vibrate to confirm a value change on the Clicker.

Shake - Toggles the ability to reset Balls and Strikes values by shaking your iPhone.


I've turned off the Shake feature, is there any other way to clear the Balls and Strikes?

Yes!  Tap the Baseball / Softball indicator at the lower right of the main screen and the Balls and Strikes values will be reset to 0.


Tapping and swiping doesn't change innings/strikes/balls, what's the deal with that?

Please try rebooting your device.


How do I switch between Baseball and Softball modes?

You will need to completely close the Clicker app completely and re-start it.  You will be prompted for the Baseball or Softball mode when the Clicker starts up.
See here:  http://www.ehow.com/how_7196477_close-open-applications-iphone.html for instructions on how to close an app in iOS.


How do I reset the innings?

New in version 1.2, you can press and hold on the INNING label of the clicker for about 2 seconds.  The innings should re-set back to 1.


Do you have other questions not answered here?

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